Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Tommy Awesome

Tommy Awesome
Altered Human

Fighting: Excellent (20)
Agility: Good (10)
Strength: Good (10)/Incredible (40)
Endurance: Excellent (20)
Reason: Good (10)
Intuition: Good (10)
Psyche: Excellent (20)

Health: 60
Karma: 40
Resources: Good (10)
Popularity: Excellent(20)

Known Powers: Tommy Awesome has the following abilities, each of which are useable one at a time. It takes one round to switch powers.

BODY ARMOUR: Tommy Awesome has Incredible (40) protection against physical and energy attacks.
ENERGY ATTACK: Tommy can focus his internal energy into eye beams of Remarkable (30) force.
LIGHTNING SPEED: Tommy Awesome can run at Unearthly (100) speed, around 150mph.
STRENGTH: See above.

Talents: Martial Arts A B & E, Tumbling, Escape Artist and Military.

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